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Project Description
The main purpose of this project was to monitor Microsoft OneNote shared notebooks changes.

Please Note
The development of this project was stopped. I have uploaded the source code here, because it might be useful to anyone starting working with Microsoft OneNote API.

The software should be working, but not the way it meant. I do not remember already why it does not work as expected, because I stopped developing it quite some time ago.
As far as I remember One Note does not store a history of changes, only the latest changes can be retrieved from one note, so you might miss some changes in frequently modified notebooks, i.e. One Note might overwrite the information on who and when has modified certain parts of the notebook and you'll never get a notification.

To fix this you'll have to refresh frequently, which is not the best way to do it because of performance considerations. Or you can implement/integrate some comparison mechanisms to determine changed parts between two revisions. But this way you still won't be able to determine the author of modifications.

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